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If you don't come to choir tonight you'll miss an amazing rehearsal!

Last week nearly half of us met up at 7.30 - and had a great warm up and voice coaching session, followed by work on a piece we all know well - the Faure Requiem, under the direction of Andrew.

picture of Andrew

Tonight's session will build on that, with brass knobs on! The warm up and coaching of course will be there - but more singing, and a bit of entertainment as well.

It will be a wonderful session - I know, I have had a sneak preview - but it will be even better to know that as many members as possible will be joining in too - so none of us are singing alone, but we are there making lovely music with our choir buddies.

So, everyone who can make it, please join in!

This endeavour is keeping the choir together, it is keeping us up to the mark as individual singers, it is making sure we are ready to hit the ground running once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted - and above all it is keeping our spirits lifted with a bit of joy and happiness.

Be there or miss a great evening!

(But of course, if you cannot make it, you can always catch up later in your own time. Some people are working, some don't have access to the internet - though Derek has arranged for those people to get a CD with the first rehearsal on - and some have other responsibilities. Whatever the reason, we will be thinking of you all as we meet up tonight).

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