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Virtual Rehearsal 4.03

9 March 2021

Message from Derek


Creation Session 3

"Awake the harp" - page 33

If you want to listen to Andrew's rehearsal tracks while you are out-and-about, you can download your part by clicking on the Download button next/to the right of the track name.


Please do not share with others. Andrew has created these tracks for use by YPC members only.

Full choir recording

Sing with full choir


Practise your part by singing along with the New College Choir, Oxford, The Academy of Ancient Music, Soloists Emma Kirkby, Anthony Rolfe Johnson and Michael George, and conductor Christopher Hogwood.

Remember, there may be word changes so have a copy of your own score to hand.

"Awake the harp"


If you want to skip the short Solo Tenor recitative, scroll ahead to 00:11 - page 33.

The choir on this recording are singing different words to those we have in the Old Novello score.

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Please note that these videos and directives have been prepared by Andrew for the personal use of YPC members only, and should not to be copied or distributed to anyone who is not a member of the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir.

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