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Lockdown Notice

Because of the situation caused by COVID-19, the YPC is unable to meet to rehearse together or perform concerts until further notice. However, may we ask you to read on…

Lockdown has taught us many things about ourselves or re-emphasised things we already knew. One is that music is essential to the human spirit and when we can’t make music and/or enjoy musical performance our well-being is really affected.


If during lockdown you have realised this or even resolved that after it is over and some normality returns you might like to try singing in a choir, we’d like to hear from you.

What to do


Email your name and contact details and maybe (not essential) a brief note of your musical experience to and we promise, as soon as the YPC is rehearsing again we will contact you to invite you to an ‘Open Rehearsal’ which will be organised quickly. Obviously, we can’t tell you exactly when yet, but we will be in touch as soon as some ‘normality’ returns.

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