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In Memory of Doreen Cadman

Ian and Stuart sing in three choirs - Huddersfield Singers, Huddersfield Friends of Church Music and of course the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir, and no-one could have wished for better support in their endeavours as the Cadman family moved around as a foursome! Of course they were also quick to sign up for 'Music Matters' joining Andrew Padmore and Gareth Green in the fun and frolics over many weekends at Whitby and Wortley!

Yes Doreen Cadman and her husband Colin supported their 'boys' in every aspect of involvement of music, from early beginnings at Holy Trinity Church Ossett, to their 'three choirs' involvement.

They must have seen the inside of every church in the County [not to mention most of the restaurants and cafes as well!], and have attended all the weddings and funerals where Ian and Stuart have sung.

Since 1993 the YPC has undertaken many choir tours abroad, and as one might expect the first people to sign up were the Cadman family, and they have had many hours of enjoyment in France, Belgium and Ireland.

There are always plenty of stories attached to trips abroad e.g. the Conductor getting changed in a confessional box or the Chairman and his wife losing their room key and having to climb into a spare room [through the window!] at the dead of night with the help of three young brass players and a wheelie bin...with the crowd below baying for more and attempting to keep everyone quiet by shouting........SHHHH!!!!

Well that's just one story, if you want to know more, ask Ian and Stuart about flip flops, spectacles and horse flies!!

Yes there's been lots of fun [and more to come] and Doreen and Colin were able to enjoy it just as much as members of the choir. Colin sadly died in 2008, but Doreen continued to give that same support to Ian and Stuart and became part of the ‘family’ which is the YPC!

A memorial concert will take place at Ossett church with details to follow in the near future.

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