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Paul Carr’s ‘Seven Last Words from the Cross’ Mesmerises Audience in Stunning Performance

The recent concert left audiences spellbound, with Paul Carr’s composition Seven Last Words from the Cross stealing the spotlight and touching many with the drama and atmosphere of the music, the warm sound of the combination of choir and orchestra resulting in a stunning performance with Will Frost in the role of Christ.

Mozart’s Solemn Vespers offered the perfect balance to the programme with Ann Wilkes’ effluent tones delighting the audience in the ever popular ‘Laudate Dominum’.

Sarah Ogden and Alistair Donaghue also gave excellent performances throughout as did every member of the Amici Orchestra.

Huge thanks go to our inspirational Musical Director, Thom Meredith and our brilliant accompanist, Alex Woodrow who work together tirelessly each week to get the very best from the choir resulting in this wonderful performance.

Here are a few photos taken earlier in the day during rehearsal and just before the concert.


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