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Concert Review: Eternal Light / This Precious Earth

Saturday’s concert was an ambitious programme of two exciting contemporary works - Eternal Light (Goodall) and This Precious Earth (Bielby). For most of the choir, both were unknown territory, yet after several weeks’ intense work, the outcome on Saturday was a joy to behold, resulting in a very moving performance of both works to a very appreciative audience.

As always, the musicians of the Amici Orchestra were inspirational and gave each work context which, along with the excellent performances by the soloists, Molly Cochrane and James Jenkins, brought out the true meaning of the music in both pieces, resulting in emotional responses from choir and audience alike.

This Precious Earth had a demanding role for the young choristers of the cathedral who were a delight and clearly well prepared with a superb performance along with the wonderful narration of the text by Dave Clark.

As for the unique sound of the didgeridoo resonating around the cathedral … that has to be one of those experiences that will stay with us for a long time.

Needless to say, we are greatly indebted to Andrew Padmore who so skilfully guided all the singers and musicians in making this a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all. Thanks also go to Ed Jones and James Bowstead from the cathedral whose work with both choirs was greatly appreciated - teamwork in abundance!


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