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The Margaret Markland Choral Award

Sponsorship of a choral scheme with Leeds College of Music has been secured by the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir for a period of three years, starting in September 2011. It is hoped that this will establish and maintain an ongoing link between the Choir and Leeds College of Music.

The aim of the award is to offer undergraduate music students at Leeds College of Music the opportunity to engage with choral music through a strategic alliance with the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir, one of the premier choirs in the North of England.

The starting position will be to offer three annual choral awards to Leeds College of Music students to become members of YPC, primarily in Wakefield, for a period of ten months per year [concert season runs from beginning of September to end of June]. A payment of £1,000 per student will be made to cover travel and expenses: there may also be the possibility of extra fees, e.g. if engaged as a soloist [N.B. these fees will be paid direct by the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir]

Applicants may also have an interest in:





For whichever interest, there may be opportunity for these skills to be practised with the choir, in close co-operation with the Conductor (Dr Andrew Padmore – who is highly respected in the choral world and has worked internationally), and the Accompanist (Thomas Moore – a highly sought-after recitalist and accompanist who is also Director of Music at Wakefield Cathedral).It also gives students interested in Arts Management the opportunity and commitment to get involved in the organisation of events whether they be concerts, workshops, tutorials, administration, as well as giving credit towards their degree.

This would provide curriculum links with the community which are important to Leeds College of Music, and via extended publicity it would also encourage other young people to do the same.

If you are a student and are considering attending LCM and would like to know more, email us

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