Triumphant Return for 'Phil'

Review in The Wakefield Express Group, Friday 26 April 2013:

The first full-scale concert in the refurbished and reordered Wakefield Cathedral saw the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir return in style to its old stamping ground last Saturday.

And with an eye for an evening which resonated with a sense of occasion, the 'Phil' chose to perform one of the ultimate choral pieces: Bach's Mass in B Minor.

It's an intense and multi-faceted piece of music, with big contrasts of mood and intricate eight- part harmonies but - to the surprise of no-one present - the 'Phil' took hold of it with confidence and delivered it in style.

But perhaps the star of the show was the venue itself: lighter, more spacious and. thankfully, with its glorious acoustics intact.

Truly a triumphant night!'

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