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A Star Spangled Evening featuring 'The Music of America'

What are you doing on 4th July.......nothing much? Ask an American and the answer couldn't me more different - they will be celebrating because 4th July is Independence Day, the main celebration holiday in the USA. The YPC has decided to borrow the date and Celebrate too and what could be more appropriate than to feature 'The Music of America'. So come on and join in the celebration.

Our evening will surround you with the music of differing genres and will start well before the choir appears, so take your seats early.

The choir and our special guest, Laura Barnes, will feature works by some of the giants of 20th Century American Music such as Leonard Bernstein and George Gershwin. In contrast some of America's more patriotic songs from the days of their 19th century conflicts, including the American Civil War, will contrast against the works of some of America's contemporary living composers such as Eric Whitacre and Morten Lauridsen.

The 2nd half of the evening will be liberally sprinkled with 'classics' from, , what has become known (largely thanks to Ella Fitzgerald) as 'The Great American Songbook' .

It will be a delightful summer evening with a real difference, superb music and a few surprises which will lift your spirits and send you away happy and wanting more....but, sorry, you'll have to wait until next season for that!

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