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20 January 2017 - Information for all members

Hi Everyone

A lot was said on Tuesday which I thought probably needs confirming by email, plus a few additional things have since arisen which also needs each of us to act on:

  1. Cheese and Wine Evening Fundraiser - This coming Tuesday (24 January) Our fundraiser this month will be in the form of our 'termly' Cheese and Wine evening. For those new to the choir and as a reminder for everyone, If possible please bring a wine glass (if you forget there will be plastic glasses available) and £3 please - a glass of wine will be £2 and for cheese and nibbles and extra £1, so £3 (excellent value considering the cost of a glass of wine these days). Hopefully some of our Patrons will be able to join use from 9.00pm when the event will start.

  2. 100 Carols for Choirs (White Books) This is the 'stock' Christmas book used by virtually all the main choirs (a compilation from the previous Carols for Choirs books 1 - 4, which are now no longer available) and therein lies the difficulty. Because of the demand and the general state of flux which Libraries are currently in, hiring them has become not only difficult but also relatively expensive. The majority of us have bought this book over the years the committee are now asking those members who currently do NOT have their own copy to buy one now at the exceptionally reduced price of £10 (I bought mine several years ago and it cost me £15.95 then). As of now we are going to make is a required (purchase for all new members along with Choral Classics and Great oratorios). On Tuesday Evening our Librarian, Bob Mardling, will prepare a sheet for those who need to buy a copy to sign up for one. He will then order them in bulk and once they arrive will hand out the copies to those having signed up. Please pay your £10 as soon as you can to out Treasurer, Mary Oldham.

  3. Great Oratorios Book Andrew requested we bring our copies of Great oratorios with us on Tuesday (24 January), he is particularly interested in the 'In Paradisum' by Faure.

  4. Faure Requiem & John Rutter's 'Mass of the Children' These works will feature in our 24 June Concert. It is the intention to sing the Faure WITHOUT copies, however we need copies to learn it. Some of us already have it from the many times we have performed it or parts of it. The version needed will be the one published by 'Oxford University Press' entitled 'Gabriel Faure - REQUIEM 1893 version', the English translation by John Rutter (white cover with narrow green vertical stripes with the text and logo in a browny colour.) An option to buy this version will also be available and again this Tuesday Bob will put a signing sheet out for this purpose and for those who already have it to indicate as such. The cost will be £7.50 but probably 10% less if we can order in bulk. - Again it is a work we have and doubtless will feature a number of times, so worth having. There will be hire copies available if you choose not to buy. Andrew intends to start rehearsing this 'in earnest' a week on Tuesday (31 January), so if you have your own copy of it already please bring it to that and subsequent rehearsals. Mass of the Children - again some of us have a copy and again the offer will be made to buy one (£10 or less if in bulk) - a sheet to sign up for this will appear in subsequent weeks and will be announced beforehand.

  5. Diary Date Change Our Christmas Concert this year will now be on SATURDAY 16 DECEMBER 2017 (not 23rd December as previously indicated), please ensure you note this and aren't caught out later.

  6. Wedding 2 September 2017 Karen gave details of this likely booking and there was a good indication of numbers available to sing and a sign up sheet will be set out to confirm exactly how that looks either this week or subsequently. She will confirm the booking and after checking the church will have an indication as to the amount of room available. That will determine how many we need to sing. As always due attention will be given to the balance of parts. More on this to follow in the coming weeks.

  7. Jenkins 'The Armed Man' & Durufle 'Requiem' Finally, again on the longer term issue of music, our 11 November Concert this year features these fantastic works. This will be the 5th or 6th time we have sung The Armed Man since it was written and therefore a number of us have copies. Again we would recommend you buy your own for this popular work and opportunity will be given later in the year to do so. HOWEVER, although some of us also have Durufle, it has always been a difficult vocal score to get hold of, as, a bit like the Poulenc, it's distribution is heavily controlled by French Publishers. At the moment the best price we can get for it is £27 per copy. As such it is unlikely we will be offering it for sale (unless you are desperate to buy it, if so let Bob know). Hull library are working hard to get sufficient hire copies together and we'll keep you posted.

I think this covers everything for the moment and I will post this on the members section of the website for some permanence for you to refer to again should you need to.

Thanks again


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