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Let's go for gold! Last week 43 - can we break the 50 barrier tomorrow?

Pictures of YPC members

Tomorrow night - 7.30, as ever, is choir night. And even better - you won't

have to travel - you can do it in your jimmies - have a glass of wine or cup of tea to hand - and no-one will know if you sing a wrong note or miss an entry - nothing matters as long as you make it!

Andrew has already designed and prepared our second virtual rehearsal, Derek has carefully crafted a short update for us - with a few really quite funny jokes (obviously not as funny as Andrew's jokes) and Diane has got the website ready and waiting for us all.

It was fabulous last week - even though Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir members were spread out over many, many miles, we were all together with Andrew, making beautiful music and enjoying a good sing. Surely no better way to spend a Tuesday evening.

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